Why you need a professional Inventory



Why you need a professional Inventory

In my last blog I covered DIY inventories and why they are a false economy, as I’m sure many of you will now agree.  What is the purpose of saving a bit of money at the start of a tenancy only to find at the end of it you are out of pocket, not to mention the legal wrangles and sleepless nights? These are the main reasons why you need a professional Inventory.

The Cost

The cost of hiring a Professional Inventory Service is comparatively low when you consider the benefits.

It will save you the time of preparing it yourself, which can be very time consuming, particularly without any real experience.  The main bonus is peace of mind.

A professional Inventory Company will produce a document in an approved format, which would undoubtedly accelerate insurance claims, and settlement in the wake of a disaster.

By hiring a third party, the reports will be seen as unbiased. If there are any disputes at the end of the tenancy, they can be easily resolved when using a professional document.

Professional Inventory

A Professional Inventory, will be in a recognised format. Every item is detailed, description and brand in some cases, also condition. Kitchen appliances will be tested for power, described, model no. condition and cleanliness.  For certain furniture items, it will be listed if fire regulations were seen. For Blinds, warning and safety labels should also be noted as to whether they are present. The decorative condition and cleanliness of the property is also noted. Outbuildings and garden, are also included in the inventory.


Potential problems

Potential problems will be flagged on the Inventory and if they are urgent the managing agent or landlord will be contacted immediately. These could include things such as, keys not working properly, cracked windows, leakages, damp, electricity or gas hazard, infestation etc.


I have outlined here the main reasons why you need a Professional Inventory and hope you find this helpful. If you require any further information call Starlet Inventories, on 02088526000 or 07904909240 or you can email us on info@starletinventories.co.uk











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