We provide impartial detailed reports at the start and end of the tenancy which will allow an accurate comparison to be made at the end of the tenancy and thus is primarily used to prevent or resolve any dispute between landlord and tenant.

The Inventory

An inventory will contain detailed information about a Landlords property, including the décor, fixtures and fittings, all contents, the garden and any outbuildings. The cleaning standard and any issues will also be noted. Once the accuracy of the document is agreed it then becomes a Binding document.

The Check In Report

The Check In report is completed immediately prior to the tenancy commencement. The original Inventory document is used and the purpose is to ensure that this document provides an accurate and fair description of the condition of the property: – décor, contents, fixtures and fittings. The Standard of cleaning is noted and meter readings are taken whenever possible. The keys and fobs which are to be handed to the tenant, are photographed and recorded on the report.

The Check Out Report

This report is produced at the end of the tenancy to ensure that an accurate comparison is made.  All items are checked and any missing or damaged items are photographed and recorded.

Property Inspections

These Inspections are performed periodically for managed properties, to ensure that any potential problems are highlighted, and the landlord or managing agent made aware immediately. These inspections are generally arranged directly with the tenant in case they wish to attend.

Property inspections are not full checks and are carried out with sensitivity, as the tenant is in residence, belongings are not moved etc. The purpose is to highlight any areas of concern so they may be addressed in the early stages.

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